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Forbes calls him “The Technology Prophet”… CNET calls him a “Real Visionary,” and now…

The Man Who Predicted the iPhone Technology 13 Years BEFORE its Release has a Radical New Prophecy that Will Surprise Most Americans


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George Gilder is probably the most knowledgeable man in America when it comes to the future of technology – and its impact on our lives.

His ability to foresee how new breakthroughs will play out, years in advance, can help you in business, in life… and can even make you rich.

In fact, during America’s last big tech boom of the late 1990s, Gilder was widely considered the best stock picker in the world — his entire portfolio went up a whopping 247% in less than a year, according to an article in Wired Magazine.

This is why the Publisher of Forbes calls Gilder: The “Technology Prophet.”

It’s why the Founder of CNET (the most widely read tech news source on the web) says, “Gilder has been a real visionary.”

And why former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says: “I listen very closely to what George says.”

Perhaps Gilder’s most famous prophecy was foreseeing the iPhone technology, 13 years before it was released

Way back in 1994, he wrote…

“The most common personal computer of the next decade will be a digital cellular phone with an IP address… connecting to thousands of databases of all kinds.”

Gilder went on to declare in various speeches how…

“it will be as portable as your watch and as personal as your wallet; it will recognize speech and navigate streets; it will collect your mail, your news, and your paycheck.”

As the stories go, long before Steve Jobs released the iPhone in 2007, he not only read George Gilder’s book on this subject (called Life After Television), but also passed it out to colleagues.

And Steve Jobs wasn’t the only one to use Gilder’s insights to identify the most important new trends, and reap incredible profits…

Ari Emanuel is arguably the most powerful man in Hollywood. He’s CEO of the William Morris Talent Agency, and also owns the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

When Emanuel read Gilder’s book, he says it changed everything…

"I picked up Life After Television. It changed my life."

"It caused me to imagine technology that could move so fast that our industry might be gone in a decade or two. Most of the people where I worked couldn’t see that. They bet on the past. Because of George’s book, I bet on the future…"

"The internet, mobile and streaming revolutions happened just as George predicted. Watching George’s predictions happen, living through them… I learned that the cycle of innovation doesn’t stop after TV. Surviving the next revolution means connecting the dots early and trusting your instincts when things are about to change."

And that brings us to today.

How can you personally “bet on the future” today, just like Steve Jobs and Ari Emanuel did 20 years ago?

How can you see what’s really coming next, when there are so many new technologies now being talked about and implemented in America?

The answer is simple…

George Gilder’s last big book that outlined the future of technology and a huge trend on the horizon was called, Life After Television. It was published in 1994.

And today, Gilder has just released a new and equally important volume – it forecasts a radical technological change that is now just beginning to take shape. And it portends a future most Americans can’t imagine…


If you think the future will look anything like 2019, with companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix dominating the market… Gilder says, forget it… that’s dead wrong.

Forget the dotcoms. They are yesterday’s news.

You might be shocked, or perhaps even relieved, when you hear what Gilder says is coming next…

He believes something bigger and more radical has just started to take hold in not only the American economy… but around the globe, and it has nothing to do with robots, artificial intelligence (AI), or self-driving cars.

Life After Google

George Gilder’s new book is called Life After Google.

And for investors, entrepreneurs, business people, students… in short, anyone interested in what the world will soon look like, it’s the best book I’ve read in years.

That’s why we recently ordered a case of these books, and had them delivered to our warehouse.

It’s also why we’re giving you the chance to get a real, hold-in-your-hand, hardback copy, for just $9 (about a 50% discount to where you’ll find it anywhere else).

And get this: We’ll even cover the costs of shipping and handling!

You see, Life After Google is filled with dozens of important insights, ideas, and predictions for the future, which can help you gain a huge edge over the next few years.

To start with, let’s talk about the two big takeaways from this incredible book…

Big Takeaway #1:
America’s NEXT Dominant Companies

George Gilder says the tech companies that dominate today are very unlikely to be on top a decade from now.

Most Americans probably find this hard to believe, but Gilder explains how this is a natural part of business, technology, and economic evolution…

As Gilder says:

“Ten years ago the biggest corporations in the world by market cap were Exxon, Walmart, the Petroleum Bank, China Petroleum and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

“Ten years later, the top four companies in the world are Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft by market cap. I mean, who would have predicted that? And I believe that in the next ten years, there will be a similar turnover.”

In short, says Gilder: “The Google era is coming to an end.” Gilder says that one of the reasons why this is happening is that companies like Google and Facebook have a flawed business model.

With both Google and Facebook, just about everything is free… email, search, messaging, storage, etc.

And Gilder says this will be one of the reasons for their downfall. As Gilder reports:

“So what’s wrong with free? It is always a lie, because on this earth nothing, in the end, is free. You are exchanging incommensurable items. For glimpses of a short video… you agree to watch an ad long enough to click it closed. Instead of paying — and signaling — with the fungible precision of money, you pay in the slippery coin of information and distraction.”

“Of all Google’s foundational principles, the zero price, is apparently its most benign. Yet it will prove to be not only its most pernicious principle but the fatal flaw that dooms Google itself… Google’s insidious system of the world will be swept away.”

But a flawed business model is really just the beginning.

On page 42 of Life After Google, George Gilder explains the bigger problem for these firms…

How a new technological revolution, that’s just starting to gain traction in America, will be an even bigger problem for today’s tech darlings, and will ultimately lead to a totally different group of businesses dominating the economic landscape.

If you own stock in Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Microsoft, or any of the big technology companies of today, Gilder’s new book is a volume you can’t afford to miss.

So that’s the first big takeaway — that the big tech companies currently dominating our world today will NOT be the companies on top in 10 years.

What will replace them?

And what new technology could be so disruptive to unseat such profitable and dominant businesses?

Well, that brings me to the 2nd big takeaway in George Gilder’s new book…

Big Takeaway #2: A New Internet

To write this new book, George Gilder called on his many years of building contacts in the investing and tech world to speak with the best minds in both worlds…

He went to the headquarters of Austin Russell’s company, which is radically remaking the hardware for self-driving cars.

He met with Robert Mercer, who works at what is probably the most successful investment fund in America of the past 20 years.

He met with Jules Urbach, who is revolutionizing the world of Virtual Reality.

He went to Nvidia, perhaps America’s most important high-tech company today.

The list goes on and on. Gilder might be the most well-connected man in the tech world, with his incredible contacts in academia, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street.

Gilder spent several years writing this book, and as he pointed out in a recent interview, the tech and investing guys he interviewed don’t have time to write articles, so Gilder had to go speak to them in person.

In other words: You are very unlikely to hear from or about these innovators, anywhere else.

And what does George Gilder conclude is coming next, which will ultimately supplant Google, Facebook, and the other big tech firms of today?

Gilder is clear and unequivocal:

He says there are developments on the near horizon in which a new type of internet technology (or what’s known as the “open distributed ledger”) becomes the future, because it protects your private data, allows every user safe and immediate access to that data, and creates millions of new ways for people to interact and do business, which will flip our current ideas of work and business on their heads.

Now, I know… this might sound a little confusing, but what George Gilder describes is a series of adaptations of these technologies, which will usher in a new world of business, finance, contracts, investing, commerce, and more.

The smartest and richest investors are already getting in on this breakthrough. People like billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen , PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, and Mark Cuban (owner of The Dallas Mavericks and Shark Tank star).

Gilder has even come up with a new name for this incredible breakthrough - he reveals it all in his new book.

And he says it will take us to: “a world beyond Google.” As Gilder reports:

“The new architecture provides alternatives to today’s insecure Internet, this porous Web where Equifax or Yahoo can lose hundreds of millions of items of personal data in a nonce, and the 5 Internet leviathans all just demand more passwords and user names. All these disorders of our money and our information technology... will end with the new technologies.”

Gilder says these new technologies will allow for, among many other things, “smart contracts,” which could eliminate lawyers, accountants, and bankers who don’t get on board.

Gilder interviewed Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the company Ethereum, who says:

“The Internet tended to displace workers doing routine work on the edge of the system; [this technology] tends to disintermediate executives in the center. The Internet displaced the jobs of taxi drivers; [this] may displace Uber.”

For example, Gilder says there’s already a company called Swarm, which is attempting to enable cab drivers to transact directly with their customers through this incredible new technology.

Think about that… Uber is one of the most disruptive companies of the past 20 years… but what if there was a new technology that eliminated the need for an intermediary like Uber? That’s the future - no one can help you understand it quite like George Gilder... and the consequences are just incredible.

Many, many companies and corporations could disappear… and many new ones will be created.

One thing is for sure: George Gilder’s book, Life After Google, will make you think about and see the world in a very different way.

It will introduce you to the men and women around the world who are at the forefront of this movement, who are taking the existing technologies to new levels. It will help you understand how the Internet really works… these new "smart" contracts executed over the internet really work… what the biggest trends of tomorrow will be… and where the world of business and commerce are heading.

You see, George Gilder has been in the tech game for a long time. He’s 79 years old, but still runs five miles a day and has one of the sharpest and most unique minds on the planet.

Gilder is a huge believer in new technologies… but he’s also extremely critical of some technologies the mainstream media is obsessed with, which he doesn’t think will work.

For example, in his new book, Gilder reveals:

The secret reason why the driverless car schemes of Google, Tesla, and Uber will ultimately fail… and why driverless cars are much farther away from being reality than nearly everyone is now predicting. (page 113)

Why artificial intelligence (AI) will NOT change our world in the way that many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts are predicting. (page 103)

How our money is going to radically change over the next decade — this is a huge, huge deal. (page 155)

Details on the best-performing investment fund in the world — which has reportedly averaged returns of roughly 40% a year for close to 20 years. That kind of return doubles your money approximately every two years! (page 83)

A web browser you should use (instead of Google, Safari, or Internet Explorer) if you want to keep your personal information private (page 180)

How and why you are secretly paying an extra $23 every month on your cell phone bill and what you can do about it. (page 182)

How the United States is quietly building a “comeback” in the technology space, to compete with China. (page 220)

The company Gilder calls, one of the most important in the history of free enterprise. Interestingly, you can easily invest in this business today even though it’s not on the stock market! (page 153)

How to identify and get in early on more than a dozen radical new smart-contract companies you’ve never heard of, which are starting to do radical things to the world of business and finance. Companies like Bitmain, Counterparty, and Rootstock. (page 199)

Why the number of initial public offerings (IPOs) has plummeted in America — and good news for investors on what is soon replacing them. (page 167)

How a company called Blockstack could mean the end of Dropbox, Pinterest, Facebook, and others. (page 172)

And much more. There simply are so many insights, secrets, and ideas revealed in Gilder’s book… any one of these could make a big difference for you as an investor, entrepreneur, employee, or retiree.

As you can see, George Gilder does not shy away from controversial and contrarian ideas.

This is why Wired Magazine calls Gilder, “one of the tech world's more famous – and controversial – prophets.”

And it’s why Gilder has been paid as much as $100,000 for a single speech.

In Life After Google, you’ll learn about not only how entrepreneurs are doing incredible things with smart-contract technology… but also the many iterations and spin-off technologies coming from this world, like: hashchains, blockstacks, token issues, and more.

If you’ve never heard of these terms, they might sound like a foreign language.

But that’s exactly what most people thought in the 1990s, when tech experts like Gilder talked about fiber optics, e-commerce, and “the cloud.”

Most people won’t have an understanding of these new, emerging technologies for five more years… but thanks to this incredible book, you can peek in the future, and get a head start, today.

More importantly, you’ll learn about dozens of companies driving these breakthroughs… businesses you’ve never heard of, like DigixDAO of China, Jonetix of California, and IOTA from Norway, just to name a few.

If you are an investor, this book is a must-read, to get a jump-start on many of the companies that Gilder says will revolutionize and reshape the American economy.

This is why The Financial Times picked Life After Google as one of their top recent business books. It’s why, according to a recent Gilder interview, this is the #2 book in all of China right now.

It’s why a book reviewer for the tech site Diginomica said: “Life After Google should be required reading for anyone contemplating future technology investments.”

If you're a business person… an entrepreneur… or still working in just about any field… Life After Google is a must-read to understand how these changes will reshape your world and your industry.

Like I said — it’s the best book on new technologies that I’ve read in years… and it’s why I had our research firm order a case, which we’re now giving away for just $9 apiece.

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Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped give more individuals the chance to make better, smarter, and more profitable moves with their money than any other business on the planet.

We think George Gilder’s new work is a book everyone should read, even though it’s the opposite of almost everything you read in the mainstream press.

If Gilder is even partly right about how these tech trends will play out in the years ahead, it will have a huge impact on you, your family, your money, and your retirement.

This is the type of work we admire and aspire to at Stansberry Research. Our analysis very often goes against what you hear and read about in the mainstream press… but it’s what has made our research firm the most popular of its kind, over the past 20 years. It’s why today we have more than 300,000 customers in more than 150 countries… and why 100,000 of our customers have benefitted from our work in such a way that they’ve decided to become “lifetime” subscribers.

To me, that’s the best endorsement any business can ever have.

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